ePure HD

Designed to be used with your DECT gateway

The ePure HD is a CAT-iq 2.0 compliant handset which offers an excellent narrow and wideband audio experience.


ePure HD is interoperable with any CAT-iq 2.0 gateway.

 It has been in particular tested and validated with the following models:

  • Swisscom Internet-Box*

  • Swisscom Rousseau 10

  • TP-Link VR200v


* The Swisscom Internet-Box is also a DECT Base Station. A separate Base Station is not required.

Location free

ePure HD handset and charger can be put anywhere in the house and does not have to be next to the gateway.

Fantastic design

ePure stands out with its classy and pure design. It looks like a piece of art in your home.

The best audio quality for a home phone

International DECT CAT-iq 2.0 - standard digital technology offers excellent voice quality, including HD Voice calls.
HD Voice technology is revolutionising the telephone industry.
Now callers can feel closer to each other. The HD Voice sound quality is richer, more dynamic, and offers a better listening experience. ePure HD is fully compatible with HD Voice technology, using HD microphone, receiver, speaker, codecs and a HD speech processing algorithm.

Technical characteristics

Standalone DECT handset with charging bay for DECT CAT-iq 2.0 gateway or base station
Place the handset wherever you want at home
The ePure HD is using your existing base station

Full color 1,8“ landscape display 65K color
HD Voice support**
250 entries in local phone book
12h talk time / 120h standby time
Access to base call logs and phonebook**
Multiline management**
Handset software upgrade (SUOTA) **
Repeater support**
Local call lists in GAP mode



** These features must also be supported by the base station.

User guides

 Quick start guide

 Declaration of conformity