ePure 2



                The new definition of design home phone.



ePure 2 comes with essential colors


 Black        -        Red        -       White



   White & Red       -      White & Black


1.8'' display

The ePure 2 has a large and back lighted display for an improved comfort of use.

A brighter and larger display has been used to give a better legibility.

You will be impressed by the quality of the LCD screen allowing you to see the caller ID even in the night.


The ePure 2 shape form is perfect for hands-free functionality.

We include a speakerphone in both the handset and the base station, offering a constant and great sound quality.


Answering system

The ePure with answering machine version goes further in stylishness. His remote base offers the choice of the place you want to locate your phone, even far from your landline, but at the exact point where this is convenient for you.

 30 minutes recording system

 You can play messages directly on the base station. Watch for the message notification on the handset screen, or the discreet blinking LED in the base station.

 *Available without answering machine in some regions.


Navigation keypad

Easy menu navigation thanks to the 4-direction navigation key.

A navigation key offers a maximum comfort to ePure users.

An instinct beyond a style, to enhance user experience.

Additional handsets

You wish to install several handsets in your house and on the same line?

Place your main phone near your phone line and add up to 5 additional handsets.

Place them where you want.

The pairing to the main phone is simple and allows you to access from your additional handset(s) to the pre-set main phone directory.


The additional handsets are available in the same colors as the main phones



The swissvoice ePure 2 features swissvoice’s industry leading Fulleco technology for reduced emissions and power use.

Additionally, there are zero emissions in stand-by mode (not supported in US version).

Swissvoice fulleco® is the latest innovation in terms of reduction of electromagnetic radiation (so called “electro-smog”) as well as electrical power consumption reduction.

fulleco® includes three main features:


1. Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode

2. Radiation reduction in communication (SAR=0,010W/kg).

3. Electrical consumption reduction

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